Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak and Jon Ehrens of White Life announced that they had joined forces to create the R&B-inflected swoon-pop project Dungeonesse late last year. At the time, the pair shared a charming dance-floor-ready track, “Drive You Crazy,” and now the duo is back with an album announcement and another new track, the romantic electro-pop song “Shucks.”
Dungeonesse will release its self-titled debut on May 14 via Secretly Canadian, but the two available singles will probably keep you dancing until then. The album is expected to offer a little of something for everyone. “Something that Jon and I talk about a lot is the idea of reclaiming pop music,” explains Wasner in a press release. “Placing it squarely in the hands of, I dunno, say a couple of regular nerds from Baltimore.”
Stream “Shucks” and view the album’s tracklist below.

Tracklist For Dungeonesse:
01. Shucks
02. Drive You Crazy
03. Show You
04. Private Party
05. Nightlight
06. This Could Be Home (Featuring TT The Artist)
07. Wake Me Up
08. Cadillac (Featuring DDm)
09. Anywhere You Are
10. Soon
07. Crow’s Nest
08. Tell Me No
09. Leave It All Up To Me
10. Doom 84