Doldrums - Photo by Rebecca Storm

Doldrums – Photo by Rebecca Storm

While I’ll wager this Montreal act probably ain’t much in the live setting, their recordings most definitely exude an invigorating, electroshock splatter effect. Doldrums leader/producer Airick Woodhead ups the minimalist, synth-scrapping ante with a pretty original vocal style—not auto-pilot post-punk monotone or doped-out indie cooing. On the lead track from his upcoming Sub Pop debut, The Air Conditioned Nightmare, Woodhead sounds like he’s planning what passes for sleazy good times, claiming, “My best friends all see me drown,” and his slurred words sounds like he’s going down in a sea of cheap Merlot.

Check out HOTFOOT and the album tracklist and cover art below. The Air Conditioned Nightmare comes out April 7.

Tracklist For The Air Conditioned Nightmare:
02. Blow Away
03. Funeral For Lightning
04. We Awake
05. Video Hostage
06. Loops
07. iDeath
08. My Friend Simjen
09. Industry City
10. Closer 2