Blood Orange - Photo by Adela Loconte

Blood Orange – Photo by Adela Loconte

Whatever you have to say about James Franco’s book, Palo Alto, and whatever you have to say about that book becoming a Gia Coppola-directed movie, you have to admit they made a great decision soundtrack-wise. Blood Orange’s Devonté Hynes scored the film, and the soundtrack looks pretty sweet. It features some Cupid Deluxe tunes, Mac DeMarco and a couple tracks released under Dev’s full name. The first taste we’re getting is Palo Alto, and while it’s not quite the funky Hynes fare we’re used to, its breezy vintage soul sound is hard not to sway to. The soundtrack is out June 3 via Domino. Listen to Palo Alto and scope the tracklist below.

Tracklist For Palo Alto Soundtrack:
01. Devonté Hynes – “Palo Alto”
02. Mac DeMarco – “Ode To Viceroy”
03. Robert Schwartzman – “Fútbol Americano”
04. Blood Orange – “Champagne Coast”
05. Tonstartssbandht – “5FT7″
06. Coconut Records – “Is This Sound Okay?”
07. Nat & Alex Wolff – “Rock Star (Movie Version)”
08. Francesco Pennino – “Senza Mamma”
09. Robert Schwartzman – “Graveyard”
10. Robert Schwartzman – “So Bad”
11. Devonté Hynes – “April’s Daydream”
12. Robert Schwartzman – “It’s You”
13. Jack Kilmer – “T.M.”
14. Blood Orange – You’re Not Good Enough”