Dan Deacon Single, Dan Deacon True Trush, Dan Deacon CMJ
Baltimore pop-composer Dan Deacon offers a second track from his upcoming album America due out August 27 to the world and 28 to North America on Domino. After revealing the first track “Lots,” “True Thrush” comes like an unexpected bonus. Listen below.
Dan Deacon – True Thrush by Domino Record Co
A true transcendent pop romp, “True Thrush” is like a surprise party for your ears. Over a bouncy beat, twinkling keys and some of Deacon’s classic chipmunk vocals, the bearded Baltimore werido sings about the “beast of my brain.” What kind of beast is he talking about? Well, the “True Thrush” of the title is a type of bird, so maybe it’s Deacon going into full-on Birds Of America mode.
You can join in on the fun by checking out Deacon’s tour dates and more album details here.