DFA’s take on pop music has always been far from center and the story doesn’t change with Dan Bodan’s new single, “Anonymous.” “Anonymous” is the first skittering single from Bodan’s forthcoming LP. With an emphasis on sub bass and a boom bap drum pattern, he strips the song back to the bare essentials: the drums, the bass, sparse synths and his voice. The B-side is from DJ Richard, who opts to use a sliver of the original vocal and gritty bass tones. His version simultaneously throws the listener into a pit of darkness and gives off an ethereal vibe.
Apart from being based in Berlin and releasing his debut single on DFA last year there’s not much in the way of information on Dan Bodan, but he’s clearly a talent finding his footing the music world. His debut album is due out on DFA sometime this year; as of right now it is untitled. Check out “Anonymous” and the DJ Richard remix below.