Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s on DatPiff, you guys. Recently, we told you about the oddball duo’s upcoming Produce mixtape, which had us wondering if Chuck Inglish would help Jr. Jr. chill out a bit and raising our eyebrows at the tape’s inclusion of college dude Asher Roth. Finally, all our questions are being answered.
Produce dropped today, and it sounds like what you would expect from a mixtape that not only features verses from Quelle Chris and Slim of 112, but also a hyperactive Randy Newman cover and a track called Beach Boys Biggie. You can stream the mixtape below, or download it here.

Tracklist For Produce:
01. Intro
02. Old Friend From The Radio (feat. Quelle Chris)
03. Rush Into Love (feat. Slim of 112 & Chuck Inglish)
04. Against The Law (feat. Tunde Olaniran)
05. Perspectives
06. I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today
07. Lover Lover Lover (feat. Murs)
08. Higgztape
09. Beach Boys Biggie
10. Jean Jacket Girl
11. Hands Across The Water (feat. SelfSays)
12. War Zone (Absofacto Goldenboyz Remix)
13. Curtain Call (feat. Asher Roth)
14. Crazy For Ya (feat. King Chip & Tunde Olaniran)
15. I Want To Be Like Scottie
16. If You Didn’t See Me (Goldenboyz Remix)