I saw Daedelus, a.k.a. Alfred Darlington, perform at a Princeton eating club maybe two years ago. I was with my friend Frank, who was high. Before Daedelus’s set, High Frank and I sat on a couch in the eating club’s massive living room while Daedelus fiddled around on their grand piano. We were the only three people in the room, and no one spoke.
But today I have something to say to the L.A. producer who’s released 13 LPs and dresses like an Edwardian dandy: “Cool new track.” Music Concrete comes off Daedelus’s upcoming album Drown and features barely blended samples of what sounds like factory equipment beneath spaceship synths and echoing percussion. Its movements come in spurts, but it’s well-paced, so by the end of the track you’ll feel as if you’ve listened to an entire found-sound symphony. Check it out (via Spin), below.