Brooklyn post-punk outfit Crystal Stilts are set to follow up 2011’s critically acclaimed In Love With Oblivion with their forthcoming third LP, Nature Noir, on September 17 via Sacred Bones.
Nature Noir’s lead single, “Star Crawl,” features singer Brad Hargett’s swooning baritone vocals over a gentle surf rock riff, a little doo-wop rhythm and a killer string section. Hargett effortlessly moans, “I’m too tired, baby.” While this breathless single isn’t really a pump-up track, it’s not going to wear you out either. Check out “Star Crawl,” as well as Nature Noir’s tracklist, below.

Nature Noir Tracklist:
01. Spirit in Front of Me
02. Star Crawl
03. Future Folklore
04. Sticks and Stones
05. Memory Room
06. Worlds Gone Weird
07. Darken The Door
08. Electrons Rising
09. Nature Noir
10. Phases Forever