Un-Google Safe Search-able band Coke Weed dropped a new track, Anklet, via Spin today, and I’ve been sitting here chugging an energy drink and listening to it on repeat for at least 15 minutes. Who knows if it’s all the B-vitamins and ginseng talking or the fact that the song’s wine-buzzed, late-night beach sound has wormed its way into my ear canal and settled there for good. Anklet is off the band’s upcoming self-released LP, Back To Soft, out July 23.
Following a plodding drum beat, a confident guitar flies in in a way that’s almost patriotic, before vocalist Nina D begins to sing in a voice not unlike Nico, except less German and less, well, coke-fueled. I’m up to my neck in this song, staring at the ocean. Or maybe that’s just the album cover. Listen to Anklet below, and see what I mean.