Cloud Nothings – Photo by Pooneh Ghana

Today, Cloud Nothings announced the release of their third LP, Here And Nowhere Else, on April 1 and released their new single, I’m Not Part Of Me. After a first listen, it’s clear that frontman Dylan Baldi has come upon happier times since 2012’s Attack On Memory. The lyrics send a positive message about Baldi trying change his sad, angry ways and live in the present moment. Beyond that, the sound itself is lighter and subtler without losing the edge that makes Cloud Nothings so good. Give the song a listen and check out the tracklist for Here And Nowhere Else below.

Tracklist For Here And Nowhere Else:
01. Now Hear In
02. Quieter Today
03. Psychic Trauma
04. Just See Fear
05. Giving Into Seeing
06. No Thoughts
07. Pattern Walks
08. I’m Not Part Of Me