Sonar Fest – Photo by Red Bull Music Academy

This past weekend Barcelona welcomed musicians and their fans from all over the world, who flocked to the city for the revered Sonar festival. During interludes between acts, fest attendees may have noticed lengthy pieces of synth-based music soundtracking the space. Thanks to two former Red Bull Music Academy graduates, Claude Speeed and Yosi Horikawa, festival-goers were treated to spiraling soundscapes and captivating field recordings. The two pieces, entitled Inside and Outside, were released by RBMA and, clocking in at about 32-minutes total, they’re the perfect score to a quiet evening or post-party comedown.
Claude Speeed is a member of the post rock outfit American Men (which is misleading, since he’s Scottish) and part of the LuckyMe label family. As a solo artist his discography is sparse, but what is available paints a vivid picture of a more than competent sound designer. About 5,000 miles away, Yosi Horikawa manipulates ordinary sounds into rhythmically interesting pieces of music complete with a melancholia many strive for. This year’s Whispers From An Angel is a perfect example of that. Both Inside and Outside are available to stream below.