It’s about darn time. Now that he’s had a verse on seemingly every track released in the past six months—with Vic Mensa, James Blake, Childish Gambino, Justin Bieber and even on that Divergent trackChance The Rapper has finally dropped a new solo song. It’s called Home Studio (Back Up In This Bitch), and might just be a simple reminder that new stuff is coming post-Acid Rap, which is great, bated-breath news.
Produced by his live band, the Social Experiment, Home Studio has Chance sounding wild and breathless, yalping, gasping, half-yelling and doing his classic taunting sneer. It’s a rougher Chance than we’re used to (he even does a raspy, Rick Ross-style bark), but the horns, manic beats and general chaos of his flow make the track hard to stop listening to. Listen below.