Carmen Villain is Carmen Hillestad, a pretty successful model who’s done impressive stuff, like pose for Vogue and look not sweaty at Coachella. In her downtime, Hillestad writes songs, and now she’s ready to release them as Carmen Villain on her debut album, Sleeper, coming out March 12 on Smalltown Supersound.
“Lifeissin” is the first track to be released from this album, co-produced by Villain and Serena-Maneesh’s Emil Nikolaisen, who signed to Smalltown Supersound last year as a solo artist. The premiere song is warm and dreamy, filled with loose guitars, drums that jump out and then disappear, and softly droning synthesizers that give it that atmospheric quality. And then there’s Villain, singing in a voice that’s part coquettish Lana Del Rey and part tender and tough, like Sharon Van Etten. Stream the track and find the album’s full tracklist below.

Tracklist For Sleeper:
01. Two Towns
02. Easy
03. Lifeissin
04. Obedience
05. Made A Shell
06. How Much
07. Light, See
08. Dreamo
09. It May Well Die
10. Kingwoman
11. Slowaway
12. Demon Lover