BOYTOY - Photo by Jesse Untracht Oakner

BOYTOY – Photo by Jesse Untracht Oakner

Remember that time of year where you don’t have to wear two or more layers just to take out the trash? And you don’t make a fool of yourself by slipping on ice on the way to work? It’s been a while, but if I remember correctly this glorious time of year is called summer, and when it comes around we can all bask in the warmth with our short sleeves and exposed feet, and it will be greatest couple of months ever, right? Well, maybe not for some. If the cover art for BOYTOY’s forthcoming album is reflective of their outlook on the world, they may have a bit of a twisted idea of what summer brings.
Shallow Town, the first single off of the Brooklyn trio’s self-titled EP, sets us in the middle of a sea of happy lovers and luminous swingers and tells us how full of crap they all are. New clothes and bright smiles mean nothing, and if you’re someone who’s never been secretly (or not so secretly) disgusted by this surface-level happiness of others, chances are you’re the target of this catchy garage-punk jam. Check out the tracklist for the BOYTOY EP, as well as the new track (via Noisey) below.

Tracklist for BOYTOY:
01. Helluva Party
02. Shallow Town
03. Future Ghost
04. TV Dreams
05. Runner
06. Blazed
07. Shark in the Sun