The bright and energetic Aussie songstress Jessica Newham, better known as Betty Who, is set to have an exciting year with the release of her second EP, Slow Dancing, out April 8. We first noticed her last year when she debuted her high-spirited EP, The Movement, and stunned us with a dazzling performance at CMJ 2013. After signing with RCA, Newham is giving us a taste of what’s to come, and boy, does she deliver. Her new track, Heartbreak Dream, has the workings of a powerfully lavish pop anthem that’ll leave you yearning for the dance floor. This not-so-breakup song showcases Newham’s talent for ear-grabbing hooks that’ll fit in nicely with the shiny, dance-inducing favorites her style rubs elbows with. Listen to the track below and read our interview with Betty Who here.