Oliver Kalb, aka Bellows

Bellows is the four-year-old project of Oliver Kalb, a member of the Brooklyn DIY collective The Epoch. Bellows’ 2010 debut album, As If To Say I Hate Daylight, was an experiment in captured music, compiling found sounds from various old houses in Upstate New York. That album’s follow-up, Blue Breath, still focuses on place, but it takes the term “bedroom pop” to a whole new level. The album was recorded over the course of three years in five different bedrooms Kalb has lived in.
The lead track, For Rock Dove, stretches and sighs, pulling against Kalb’s unexpectedly heavy croon with shivering percussion and tension-riddled harmonies. Blue Breath arrives digitally today and will be out on vinyl via Dead Labour this August. Listen to For Rock Dove and check out Bellows’ upcoming show dates below.

Tour Dates For Bellows:
06/07 – The Silent Barn – Brooklyn, NY
06/15 – Dunedin Brewery – Dunedin, FL
06/18 – Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL
06/21 – The Space – Orlando, FL