At this point it’s impossible to mention Washington DC’s electronic music scene without Future Times entering the conversation and, by association, Beautiful Swimmers. After years of jam sessions, Andrew Field-Pickering and Ari Goldman have completed their much anticipated debut album, Son. As expected, the sounds of disco, house, and new age ambience are ever-present, but beyond that the grooves make this one infectious full-length. Over the course of 11 songs, the duo takes us through various studio sessions that clearly proved very productive.
Beautiful Swimmers were one of the first artists to release music via Future Times and they gave the DJ community a few classic records like Swimmers Groove and Big Coast. From the get-go the pair had a knack for piecing together simple, dance floor-friendly melodies that took influence from all sorts of late ’80s and more modern sounds. Both Andrew and Ari also have various other Future Times-related projects including Maxmillion Dunbar and Protect-U, respectively. Son is due out on the label July 2. Stream the album in its entirety courtesy of NPR and watch the video for Big Coast, below.