Recently, various medical experts have joined forces with select British musicians to breed an expanse of songs that synthesizes the oft-polarized worlds of creativity and science, resulting in an album titled Body Of Songs. The first artist bridging this gap is Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan, whose track Skin Song is a whispery dedication to the blushing, bruising, scarring and occasional bleeding capacities of our epidermis. The song, which near-creepily opens with the lines “The skin that I live in,” sounds like a thoroughly analyzed dedication to the protective organ we are not only born with, but must somehow learn to accept. The track’s intimacy and hushed instrumentals make it feel as if it were a misplaced B-side for Khan’s 2013 effort The Haunted Man.
Thus far, details surrounding the project remain a mystery, save for a brief description on the project’s YouTube page. Other artists set to be featured in the series are British musicians Gold Poet and Goldie. Check out the Bat For Lashes song, along with a clip explaining the Body Of Songs project, below.