After the release of their highly theatrical music videos for Habitat and Hulluu last month, Austra has provided us with another visual accompaniment for the second track off their ghostly Habitat EP. Doepfer, which is softly percussive and bass heavy and purely instrumental, comes with a slight feel of repetitive monotony. Directed by Adrienne Crossman and Maya Postepski, the lo-fi clip shows Austra taking a step back from their fussier, more narrative-heavy music videos, and the absence of lead-singer Kate Stelmanis’s vocals make for a more tranquil viewing experience, but not in a fashion that’s mundane or off-putting.
Though the video runs the risk of feeling uneventful, Austra recently explained in a Rookie interview the unique artistic freedom they feel comes with the release of an EP: “There’s no pressure to sell anything, because it’s not part of an album cycle, so we can really do whatever we want with it.” This attitude of creative independence resonates strongly in the video, which still manages to fascinate by focusing on anything from pixelated screens to vacant hallways to distraught facial expressions reflecting lime green strobe lights. Check out the video and stream the Habitat EP below.