Psychedelic-pop innovator Ariel Pink and psych-prog artist/producer Jorge Elbrecht have released two tracks “Hang On To Life” and “No Real Friend.” Elbrecht, who is currently a touring member of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, and Pink collaborated on the tracks for a 7″ single that’s out today via Mexican Summer. “Hang On To Life” and “No Real Friend” both dabble in cheesy, overblown yacht-rock theatrics, but the emotional potency of the songs keep them from floating away in a fog of New Age platitudes.
Elbrecht has also announced that he’s working with Caroline Polachek of the dream-pop group Chairlift for the next release in his ongoing 7″ series. Expect something equally out there. Check out “Hang On To Life” and “No Real Friend” below.