Earlier this week, Angel Haze pulled an M.I.A. and released her debut LP, Dirty Gold, via SoundCloud without her label’s permission. The move was due to frustration that the album—originally scheduled for release this year—was moved by her label to a 2014 date. The leak was only available for around 30 minutes before it was taken down. But, like a pair of understanding parents, Island/Republic responded by moving the Dirty Gold release date up from March 3 to December 30 of this year.
And continuing in the Dirty Gold saga, today Angel Haze shared a 13-minute sampler of the LP. Though we only get about a minute of each track, it’s enough of a taste to make that December 30 release look pretty sweet right about now. Listen in below.
Tracklist for Dirty Gold:
01. Sing About Me
02. Echelon (It’s My Way)
03. A Tribe Called Red
04. Deep Sea Diver
05. Synagogue
06. Angel + Airwaves
07. April’s Fools
08. White Lillies / White Lies
09. Battle Cry
10. Black Dahlia
11. Planes Fly
12. Dirty Gold