You may have no idea who Philly’s Alex Giannascoli is, even though he’s about to drop his 12th release, and has more than a hundred tracks floating around the internet. DSU is his first ever full-length vinyl though, and it’s dropping on June 17 thanks to Orchid Tapes.
This new single, Hollow, is both lo-fi, washed out shoe-wave and raw ’90s emo abrasiveness. There’s some buzzy guitar fiddling atop brooding vocals that would fit right in with Fevers & Mirrors-era Bright Eyes. Listen to Hollow and scope the tracklist for DSU below.

Tracklist For DSU:
01. After Ur Gone
02. Serpent Is Lord
03. Harvey
04. Rejoice
05. Black Hair
06. Skipper
07. Axesteel
08. Sorry
09. Promise
10. Icehead
11. Hollow
12. Tripper
13. Boy