British IDM artist Darren Cunningham, aka Actress, has given the world a preview of his fourth album, Ghettoville, which will be released by Ninja Tune next week. Rap is a dark and infectious song, featuring a muddy vocal loop gently caressed by lush textures of bass and minimalistic synth lines. A brief and dreary description of the album can be found on Ninja Tune’s site, where all signs point to this being Cunningham’s final record. If the rest of the album is as interesting and intense as Rap, he’ll be leaving on a high note.

Tracklist For Ghettoville:
01. Forgiven
02. Street Corp
03. Corner
04. Rims
05. Contagious
06. Birdcage
07. Our
08. Time
09. Towers
10. Gaze
11. Skyline
12. Image
13. Don’t
14. Rap
15. Frontline
16. Rule