Sublime Frequencies' 1970s Algerian Folk and Pop

Sublime Frequencies, which digs for the retro gems so you don’t have to, is a unique label in that they focus on exposing our Western-centric ears to exotic foreign sounds we often seem to overlook. This time, focusing on the pop and folk scene of Algeria in the 1970s, SF is releasing a compilation highlighting the variety of popular styles at the time. 1970’s Algerian Folk And Pop will be released on May 13 and features a range of psychedelic rock and gloomy folk from artists like Rachid And Fethi, Les Djinns and Djamel Allem, whose music was shaped by the effects of a newly independent nation facing the inevitable anguish of an approaching civil war. The songs were compiled by Hicham Chadly for Sublime Frequencies and will be released as a limited edition LP in a snazzy full-color gatefold jacket.
Listen to one of the tracks, “Chenagh le Blues” by Abranis, and check out the tracklist of all the hits featured on this compilation below.

Tracklist For 1970’s Algerian Folk And Pop:
Side A
01. Rachid and Fethi – “Habit En Ich”
02. Les Djinns – “Nesthel”
03. Freedom (Hourya) – “Abadane”
04. Kri Kri – “Wahdi”
05. Ahmed Malek – “Hawajez (Barriers)”
06. Idir – “A Vava Inouva”
Side B
07. Abranis – “Chenagh le Blues”
08. Rachid And Fethi – “Ana Ghrib”
09. Les Djinns – “Nadia (Instrumental)”
10. Smail Chaoui – “N’sani N’sani”
11. Ahmed Malek – “Silence des cendres”
12. Djamel Allem – “Ourestrou”