Photos by Zev Shmitz

This past summer, I was fortunate enough to get to talk to Lissie over the phone and ask her about her upcoming album Catching A Tiger. Now seeing her live, Lissie’s stage presence was just what I’d expect coming from the polite, humorous, patient and generally mild mannered songstress I got to speak with.

On stage, the singer was gracious and funny; a rare find in today’s music industry, where silicone and sparkles reign supreme. Lissie’s first song of the evening, “Wedding Bells” showcased her voice beautifully and she might have actually done a better job than Hank Williams did with his original.

One of the most impressive aspects of Lissie’s performance was the speed in which she could punch out her lyrics. Though her songs tend to be soft and melodic, Lissie’s performance was energetic and animated. After she performed “Loosen the Knot” and “In Sleep,” it became clear to the audience that it was nearly impossible to ever hate this woman. It seemed like she actually possessed—gasp—an affection for her fans. For her encore, Lissie performed “Oh Mississippi” and “Pursuit of Happiness,” which resulted in eruptions. As the show was starting to wrap up, I heard a couple of 50-something year-old men (an unexpected site in Webster Hall) exclaim how much they liked Lissie. Well, with her harmless sass and obvious talent, who wouldn’t?