Photo by Rachel Miller

Last night at the Brooklyn Bowl, Lily And The Parlour Tricks lit up the stage with enough vivacity that you certainly couldn’t hear a pin drop, nor would you want to. With a retro ’50s sound and vibe, Lily took the stage in a charming dark velvet blue dress with two female back-up vocalists clad in classic red skirts with black lace tops. These ladies, plus the drummer and guitarist took the crowd through a familiar time warp that was equal parts Feist, Zooey Deschanel and the Marvelettes’ “Please Mr. Postman,” with a unique flair.

The performance had a Some Like It Hot vibe, as Lily crooned with both an incredible melodic lightness and deep-rooted warble for every song. The drummer played with the thunder of a kid’s homemade kitchen band, clamoring with pots and pans and cookie baking sheets as cymbals. The guitar was springy and energetic—Tom Waitsian in sound, if you will—and the back-up ladies tried to keep the audience clapping on beat.

Lily And The Parlour Tricks’ songs mark a new kind of sound. It’s a daring, sensual and coy sound, but don’t think you can do it justice just listening to their MySpace. The darker, edgier side of the band isn’t in the titles of the songs, but rather in its ability to swing the energy of the music dexterously from an upbeat tempo to the crawling tempo of a mystery novel.