Robert Pollard and Doug Gillard are introducing us to Lifeguards, the sound borne from the members of Guided By Voices. The band’s new album, Waving At The Astronauts, will be released this February 15 on Serious Business in conjunction with Ernest Jenning.

This time, the Ohio-New York duo presents a record of straight forward guitar lines, in contrast to band members’ previous work with Guided By Voices. The first single off the ten track album, “Paradise Is Not So Bad” (available for download through the label site and streaming below), captures a bittersweet acoustic sound.

LIFEGUARDS – Paradise Is Not So Bad by seriousbusiness

Tracklist for Waving At The Astronauts:
01. Paradise Is Not So Bad

02. Nobody’s Milk

03. (Doing the) Math

04. Product Head

05. You’re Gonna Need a Mountain

06. Sexless Auto

07. Trip the Web

08. They Called Him So Much

09. Keep It In Orbit

10. What Am I?