Liars just released a video for the first single off of the band’s upcoming June 5 release, WIXIW (pronounced “wish you”). The single, titled “No. 1 Against The Rush,” places a complex pattern of guitar harmonics over a steady motorik beat, along with equally melancholy vocals and synth leads.
The Todd Cole-directed video is a harrowing, nonchalant depiction of a serial killer out to abduct each member of Liars in downtown Los Angeles. Check out the insanity above and the tracklist for WIXIW below.
Tracklist For WIXIW:
01. The Exact Colour Of Doubt
02. Octagon
03. No.1 Against The Rush
04. A Ring On Every Finger
05. Ill Valley Prodigies
07. His And Mine Sensations
08. Flood To Flood
09. Who Is The Hunter
10. Brats
11. Annual Moon Words