In Letters From Bandcamp, we round up five of our new favorite Bandcamp discoveries in the hope that your friend’s cousin’s sister can finally get some buzz.

No, we didn’t go the “Halloween music” route in this week’s edition. Not that there aren’t some scary monsters and frightening sounds crawling up like zombies from the depths of Bandcamp. No costume required.


Some British broads who’d like lipstick a lot better if it smeared more easily. Their Gone EP from last spring is itchy with super stingy guitar, garbage bag drums and an ability to groove it down in turns. Yes, they could be accused of being late to the trash rock party, but they also seem to be the type to crash parties late, so….


The drums sound cardboardy, the singers are too sleepy, but their hooks and scuzzy guitar match for a fun, raggedy romp from this Brooklyn trio.

Lucky Horse

This band lists itself as “dad rock,” and I can respect that. Unaffected, unapologetic, two-pedal jangle and laggard vocals that recall mid-80s new roots rock, but give it like 17 months and stuff like this might sound fresh again. Not that most dads would care—they’re at Taylor Swift shows with the kids.


Spazzy, skizz-fuzz electro rock from Italy that sometimes inches into the first circle of metal hell. Hard to tell the intentions though, as no vocals around to drop hints. But oodles of energy, and they might get swooped up to make music for a video game where monsters poke each other with forks for all eternity.


Just as instrumentally ambient in its own way, and just as easily utilized for a video game, only this time, the monsters would be layering lycergic frosting over their tongues while sitting in the back seat of a Delorean-ish vehicle, driving through Osaka, late at night, hoping other monsters never show up for a fight.