“Workman-like” might be a strange thing to call the music of a group of Brooklyn art-punks, but the long-running Les Savy Fav have its sound down to a spazzy-but-precise science. High-energy rhythms, a touch of time-signature tom-foolery and splatters of shardy, dissonant riffs abound, and frontman Tim Harrington is one of the best ranters in the business. But the group never forgets to sneak some solid hooks into the frenzy, and it doesn’t mind occasionally offering up a massive shoutalong chorus every couple of tracks. (The “I want to hear those church bells sound” slow build is, no doubt, going to kill live.) Root For Ruin is the best synthesis of its pop and oddball sides yet, with flailing, manic surges serving as comfortable bedrocks for solid melodic hooks. But what’s truly surprising about this album is the emotional vulnerability displayed by Harrington, a troublemaker in the Iggy Pop mold known for audience-beguiling live shows. (Dude likes his tight spandex.) “Lips ‘N’ Stuff” and “Dear Crutches” are prime love-sucks-but-deal-with-it rants, and “Sleepless In Silverlake” is a surprisingly nuanced piss-take on fabulous ennui. It’s not all downers though, as “Clear Spirits” salutes a life spent in the pursuit of awesomeness.