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Le1f is a performer to the core. For his show at Brooklyn Bowl this past weekend as part of the Northside festival, he donned his Sunday best: a plush gold and black embellished cape with a dramatic emerald headgear that concealed his face and complemented his off-the-wall, avant-garde allure. Like any commanding showman, his entrance wasn’t short on theatrics. He vogued his way to the stage to perform songs from Hey, Dark York and Fly Zone with an unrivaled coolness that beamed with originality.

The opening acts, Princess Nokia (soon-to-be “Destiny”) and Bbymutha, an up and coming rapper from Tennessee, shared a similar charisma that readied the crowd for Le1f’s playful yet razor sharp rhymes that rattled with an energetic bounce beside the DJ’s skittish hip-hop beats.

Le1f’s inexhaustible energy was manifested in space-age club bangers like Spa Day, Soda, Boom and Wut, which had him snugly strutting, sprawling, twirling and downright dominating the stage with poise. Hardly one to play by the rules, he jumped off the stage onto the standing floor at one point for a peppy dance huddle with fans, leaving little room for reservation.

Words and photos by Tanisia Morris