Here we go. The past decade’s chief dance band LCD Soundsystem announced its farewell show today. James Murphy and his merry band of top-notch performers will hold a one-night career capper at Madison Square Garden on April 2. It will be a three-hour career-spanning performance, featuring LCD Soundsystem playing tracks never played live before, a choir, a horn section and special guests. Dance band Liquid Liquid will be opening.

This is pretty much the epitome of going out at the top of a career, as James Murphy’s band released its acclaimed third LP, This Is Happening, last May, and toured significantly behind it. LCD Soundsystem is finishing up a South American tour, and then it’s back to New York for the end. The frontman/DFA impresario asked the concertgoers to wear all black and white clothing for “The Long Goodbye,” maybe because he is planning some kind of projection, but more likely because it’s just awesome.