Lame Drivers – Photo by Alex Geddes

Lame Drivers, the New Jersey by way of Rhode Island by way of Brooklyn psychedelic punk trio that have been flying relatively under the radar for a decade now, have just announced the release of their Flexi-Book EP, out June 18 via Sleeping Giant Glossolalia. The EP (which you can stream now) is more than just seven tracks of crunchy, snotty power pop—it’s a book you can play on a turntable.
The book is composed of five flexible sound sheets (this is where the seven new tracks are) and ten pages of commissioned artwork from the band’s favorite artists, like Mayuko Fujino, Sarah Hotchkiss, Keenan Marshall Keller, Caroline Teagle and Umman Turkoglu. The art is colorful, cerebral, surreal and wacky—like an angry leopard growling against a red and black zebra-print background. You can pre-order the Flexi-Book EP over at Lame Drivers’ Bandcamp and watch the video for their single, “Frozen Egg,” below. .

Tracklist For Flexi-Book EP:
1. We R Notified
2. Indian Burn
3. Other Side
4. Minimize
5. Huge Relief
6. Superfish
7. Frozen Egg