Ladyhawke pays tribute to the 1970s movie Eyes Of Laura Mars in the new music video for “Black White And Blue,” the first single off of her upcoming sophomore album, Anxiety. In the film, Mars is a fashion photographer and serial killer catcher, and in keeping with the theme, Ladyhawke, looking very ’70s glam, gets behind the camera.
Produced by Tabitha Denholm, who has previously worked with Florence And the Machine, “Black White And Blue” was filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, in late 2011. The video shares the hushed vintage tones of ’70s movies and finds Ladyhawke in action as a photographer at a fashion photo shoot while at the same time getting visions of crimes. Unlike Laura Mars though, who sports some sexy skirts in the film, the singer leans more toward the Annie Hall look in a tasteful pantsuit.
Ladyhawke’s Anxiety drops March 27, but in the meantime check out “Black White And Blue” below.