Lady Lamb The BeekeeperTucked away at the Grand Victory, a healthy leap away from the madness of Northside Festival hub McCarren Park, the Hillytown Presents showcase had a more intimate feel.
One of the highlights came early as Lady Lamb The Beekeeper, aka singer-songwriter Aly Spaltro, took the stage just after 6 p.m. Lady Lamb made her presence known immediately with an a capella opener. Standing up there, small and shifting in her blue sneakers, her sound was unexpectedly large; her deep voice—strong and expressive—was more than enough to seize the room. The lack of frills in this first song showed just what her voice was capable of. It could be fluttery, positively pretty at one moment and take the form of an anguished yowl the next. This first number was a tad long-winded, but Lady Lamb didn’t run out of steam.
Armed with just an electric guitar for the rest of her set, Lady Lamb The Beekeeper tucked theatrics into every note, the intensity deliberate and real. Lady Lamb faced each hyper-personal song head on, bringing the show-goers with her through each soul-bearing verse. Although she made herself so vulnerable, never once did she seem fearful, and not once did she hesitate. She was brazenly honest, and that made the girl and her guitar more than enough.