Long-time college station and home to a rich community of volunteer DJs, KUSF, is moving to online-only status. The station has long served as bastion of creative and diverse programming that reached the entire San Francisco Bay Area, broadcasting at almost 3000 watts. With over 30 years clocked as a local outlet for innovation, what happened? who pulled the plug? The University Of San Fransisco’s website says the following about the change:

The university has reached an agreement to assign the FCC license for radio frequency 90.3 FM to Classical Public Radio Network, which is launching a non-commercial classical music station in the Bay Area… The call letters KUSF were not sold, and the KUSF logo and all music inventory will remain USF property. All KUSF staff will be offered similar positions at KUSF.org.

But an email circulating on the Media And Democracy Coalition listserv from a KUSF emeritus states:

The University has done an end-run around the volunteers and is aiming to sell the station license to the “Classical Music Network.” This whole deal was done in secret and has cut out thirty years of active student and community participation.

The Bay Citizen also reports that no KUSF staff had knowledge of the sale, a, $3.75 million dollar deal, until the transmitter fuzzed out around 10a.m. this morning.

At the moment KUSF’s website only says “Please check back soon for an important announcement regarding KUSF.” The station reportedly still owns itscall letters, however, as of Tuesday morning, the airwaves are gone.