Flickr photo by ceedub13

This weekend, Caleb Followill, lead singer of mega-band Kings Of Leon, suffered a veritable onstage meltdown at Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas, TX. During the July 29 show, Followill, complaining of sickness, went offstage to throw up allegedly, saying he would return shortly. When he never came back, the rest of the band announced that it would end the show early and apologized profusely to an angry crowd.

If you weren’t at the Kings Of Leon show in Dallas this weekend and you’d like to know what happened, Kings Of Leon’s management company, Vector Management, is doing its best to make that near impossible. Dozens of videos popped up on YouTube in the past couple days of the Followill debacle, but Vector has taken them down one by one. The video is technically illegal due to copyright violations, but that claim is a little dubious given the circumstances—and considering that other YouTube videos of the band, like this cellphone one of Kings Of Leon in Hyde Park last month, technically violate copyright law but still stand.

The only video of the ill-fated Dallas show still up at press time is the following footage of a few thrown-together clips of Followill’s departure with no music involved:

Kings Of Leon is canceling the remainder of its U.S. tour due to Followill’s alleged “vocal issues and exhaustion.” But if you check out the video, it’s not surprising that some are suggesting Followill needs more than just a good night’s sleep.