British phenom Archy Marshall, otherwise known as King Krule, is all set to release his follow-up to 2011’s breathtaking self-titled EP. Marshall’s highly anticipated debut full-length, 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, is due out on August 24 via XL and True Panther Sounds.
The album’s first single, Easy Easy, is little more than a Joy Division-esque riff and Marshall’s uneasy, yet endearing baritone vocals; thankfully, as with most of King Krule’s music, Easy Easy‘s beauty lies in its deceptive simplicity. Check out the track, as well as 6 Feet Beneath The Moon’s tracklist, below.

Tracklist For 6 Feet Beneath The Moon:
01. Easy Easy
02. Boarder Line
03. Has This Hit?
04. Foreign 2
05. Ceiling
06. Baby Blue
07. Cementality
08. A Lizard State
09. Will I Come
10. Ocean Bed
11. Neptune Estate
12. The Krockadile
13. Out Getting RIbs
14. Bathed In Grey