The false fog and slow-moving red lights descended on the stage as the sounds of ambient music were drowned out by the screams of the almost 2,500 people in the 2,000-capacity venue. Sweat began with the jumping, hugging and pushing that occurred before lead singer Brandon Flowers even hit the stage. When Flowers finally did arrive, a collective yell filled the room as the Killers began “Runaways.”
During “Spaceman” a few audience members started up a beach-ball toss. When Flowers asked what was going on, a man shouted, “You’re in L.A.!” at which point the band played “Flesh And Bone,” before transitioning into “Reasons Unknown.” Halfway through the latter Flowers stated, “I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone. I thought I was in L.A.” He then crooned oohs and ahhs that the audience echoed without instruction.
The night was filled with everyone’s favorites despite the fact that the band had just released its latest album, Battle Born. The Killers performed all of the old hits, playing five songs from Hot Fuss, four off of Sam’s Town and three from Day And Age. Also, about three-quarters of the way through the band’s initial set it played an amazing cover of “Moon River.” It was not the first time the band had ever played that cover, but on that night, it felt particularly poignant following the recent death of crooner Andy Williams. The last song before the encore was “All These Things That I’ve Done,” and as the song began someone tossed a cup of beer at Flowers, which he stared at with an awed look, as if it was sent from the heavens. Midway through the song the band stopped to introduce all of the members, after which Flowers asked the audience where he had left off in the song. The masses screamed out, “I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier!” over and over until he finally joined in.
For the encore the band started with “Heart Of A Girl,” which it played with legendary producer Daniel Lanois. The band followed that up with “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine” and “When You Were Young.” After the Killers left the stage the venue was quick to turn on the lights, blast whatever mix it had handy and start taking down the set and barricade in order to keep people from demanding another encore.