2012 was a big year for Killer Mike and El-P. Killer Mike released R.A.P. Music, his El-P-produced collection of brain-splattering beats and fiery politics, which we thought was so good we called it the best album of the year. No slouch himself, El-P released his own excellent solo record, Cancer For Cure, and drove a car with a puppet. If anyone deserves to take all of 2013 off, it’s these guys.
Instead, the duo has announced a collaborative project going by the name Run The Jewels and that a new album is in the works. If that wasn’t cool enough, the pair has also released a 90-second snippet of a track called “Banana Clipper,” and it’s pretty epic, despite its 90-second length. Killer Mike compares himself to an elephant toward the beginning, but the best part probably comes when he raps, “Producer gave me a beat, said, ‘It’s the beat of the year’/I said, ‘El-P didn’t do it? Get the fuck outta here.'” Check it out below.