Photo by Kyle Reinford

New Zealand’s favorite electro-pop duo, Kids Of 88 has announced future plans to touch down on American soil this spring with a string of tour dates. After a two show appearance for SXSW festivities, the Kiwis will head out to play Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Though it seems like a short stay, the duo plans to return in May to electrify more dance floors around the US with slick beats and irresistible hooks.

Kids Of 88 made a huge splash at last year’s CMJ Music Marathon and has just recently started to make some big moves on our charts as well. While the debut EP, Just A Little Bit, may be just picking up steam here, the group’s danceable disco beats have been acknowledged and praised for a while now in its home country. The single “My House” went platinum in 2009. Following that, the group’s next single, “Just A Little Bit,” look home both Single Of The Year as well as Video Of The Year honors at the New Zealand Music Awards. All of that praise and the band has only released an EP (which can be listened to here). However, more is to come soon. The band will be releasing its debut full length album Sugarpills sometime in June.

Tour Dates For Kids Of 88:
03/16 – Austin, TX – Lipstick24 (SXSW)
03/17 – Austin, TX – Easy Tiger (SXSW)
03/21 – Los Angeles, CA – Satellite
03/25 – San Francisco, CA – Popscene
03/28 – New York, NY – Pianos