Au Revoir Simone @ Kidrockers - Photo by Sara Hinkelman

Au Revoir Simone @ Kidrockers – Photo by Sara Hinkelman

Hey, we sarcastic music critic types can get all mushy too, especially during the holiday season, and especially when it involves a bunch of cute little kids hanging out at a rock show. And so it was that one of our new photographic contributors made it down to Brooklyn Bowl a couple of Sundays ago to check out the first of what looks to be a series of early-riser gigs fit for the growing hordes of hip parents and their stroller-fillers dotting the Brooklyn landscape. These “Kidrockers” events start at around 11:30 on Sunday mornings, and will feature two regional kid ears-able indie rock bands, plus various games and kiddie fun. So check out pix below of headliners Au Revoir Simone and openers Ski Lodge having a good time strumming for the dancing tots while trying to remember not to swear during the inbetween song banter.
The next Kidrockers show will be Sunday, December 15, featuring Small Black and, fittingly, Radical Dads.
Photos by Sara Hinkelman.
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