It’s unfortunate that all good things come to an end. This Friday, KEXP broadcasted its last show at CMJ Union for the CMJ Marathon. The Seattle-based radio station, however, made sure to go out with a bang, having Brooklyn’s the Antlers play for audiences around the nation and in the venue.
The Antlers followed stellar performances from Virginia dream-pop outfit Wild Nothing and violin virtuoso Kishi Bashi. After a teaser of a soundcheck, the Antlers began their short 5-song radio show set. Beginning with “Drift Drive” off their recent EP Undersea, the ambient water-sounds combined with the soft blue light gave the cozy, underground venue a sea-cove vibe. Singer Peter Silberman crooned into the microphone gently, coaxing it and winning over crowd with his quiet voice and demeanor.
The majority of The Antlers set list consisted of its Undersea EP. Throughout the entirety of the show, it seemed as if the band had enclosed itself from the world. The audience members stood in silent bliss with faces of awe, absorbing the Antlers calming, auditory liquid textures.
Before closing with “Hounds” off Burst Apart Silberman quickly thanked CMJ and KEXP for having them perform. The synth player sang the opening lyrics in a slow, melodic manner, soon to be accompanied by Silberman’s wailing oooh’s. During the last stretch of the song, the band broke its quiet demeanor and started jamming. With the band members shaking their limbs and flailing around the stage, the crowd responded positively with whatever dance patterns the limited space allowed for. Ending on an energetic rush, the bassist stomped fiercely on the power switch to kill the sound, and the band gave its farewell to NYC for now.
All photos by Nicole Craine.
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