KEXP - Photo by Lauren Kallen

KEXP – Photo by Lauren Kallen

Boy, for college kids, these KEXP peeps get up early. This swelling showcase started at 10am with Bear Ceuse an indie ­rock four-piece who, considering the time of day and smattering of a crowd, were super energetic and loud. Cub Sport from Australia were a very young band, high school age even, so the time of day didn’t cramp their energy either as they shot through their indie pop. Weekend went with a little heavier new wave sound with a slight gothic twist. Dark, lots of fuzz, and referred to God a lot. They’ve built a following for a few years now, and probably haven’t played this early in a long time. The crowd was pretty full at that point. Portland’s Helio Sequence closed it out with more indie pop chewables. One drummer, one guitarist, and lots of super catchy tunes had the crowd finally up and ready for the day. Not a super long set, but sometimes that’s a good thing when you’ve got another eight hours of shows you’re hoping to go catch as the day rolls on and on…
Photos by Lauren Kallen
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