A lot can change in five years, and Brooklyn boy Kevin Devine proved that last night. He went from playing dark, small stageless clubs by his lonesome in early 2005 to headlining at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg backed by his Goddamn Band (two guitarists, a keyboardist, bassist and drummer). Devine took to the stage two minutes late but kicked off with the night with “Trouble” (off 2006’s Put Your Ghost To Rest), and the line “I’m alone in Brooklyn, broke as fuck with a splitting headache and sore bloodshot eyes” resonated–this was his homecoming to say the least.

He continued the set with an acoustic guitar (in true Kevin Devine fashion), taking fans back to 2003’s Split The Country, Split The Street with “My Incentive”. Everyone went along for the ride responding with head-bobs while holding $4 PBRs and a collective “wooooo!” after the line: “And if you start believing that I’ll stop holding my breath too”.

Devine traded his acoustic for a red hollow-bodied guitar before playing “Carnival,” from his latest album Brother’s Blood. And on the stage at this industrial venue, Devine and his Goddamn Band manipulated their instruments, making loud crashing noise through the speakers, with the band shadowed in the dark and one white light shining on Devine onstage—he was home.