KCRW Masquerade Ball - photo by Annie Lesser

KCRW Masquerade Ball – photo by Annie Lesser

KCRW’s Masquerade, a pre-Halloween costume ball and dance party, was filled with plenty of Walter Whites, Orange is the New Black inmates, and both vintage and modern cartoon characters. Some of the more unique costumes were app-inspired, such as the girl dolled up as “Candy Crush Saga” and a couple holding hands strutting forth as Instagram and Tinder. The most creative couples costume of the evening though goes to the farmer with his ornate organic kale girlfriend. The two of them should have been given free food from the Green Food Truck for all the promotion the food van was getting from the two posing for Instagram photos in front of it.
Due to technical difficulties (ghosts?), Glasser started her set late and was only able to perform for 15 minutes in order to make sure Jason Bentley and Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation) each got their full DJ sets in. Despite her set being cut short, Glasser was one of the most engaging performers of the evening. Some other notable acts were Har Mar Superstar who was joined on stage by Macaulay Culkin and the Angel City All-Star Brass Band, who also went about weaving in and out of the various hallways throughout the large venue all night, bringing the dance party with them.
The evening also featured Grizfolk dressed as Droogs from A Clockwork Orange; the clowns of Lucent Dossier not only performing for but playing with attendees; DJ sets from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and various KCRW DJs; and a scary story room. The one attraction that peaked the interest of many Instagrammers pining for cool selfies or photos of their friends was a series of art instillations by Matt Elson. From his Awakened Vision Series. These “Infinity Box” set-ups allowed people to look at distorted and repeated reflections of themeselves in flower and candle filled boxes throughout the venue. Neither scary nor funny exactly, it all seemed to be representative of the wide breadth of performance ooga-booga Halloween has become.
Photos by Annie Lesser.
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