The crowd is quickly growing, filling the upstairs lounge with conversation that is heard over the punk rock being played by the bar. Downstairs, Kanine Records is getting ready for its showcase: a line-up with a big punch and plenty of diversity.

Brooklyn’s own Dinowalrus is first to hit the stage. The band’s experimental blend of psychedelia, noise and ambiance swayed those spectating as Pete’s technical guitar-work was admired. The trio’s strange but witty banter in between songs was also appreciated by those in the room. Dream Diary stepped up to the mic next to switch gears a bit from the strange psychedelia that is Dinowalrus. The New York trio played a set full of reverbed jangly pop that kept listeners smiling and nodding along. The soft vocal harmonies of guitarist Jacob and bassist Madison were somewhat reminiscent of the Smiths, with an upbeat feel.

Viernes, experimental ambiance from Florida, played next. The band kept its audience in a trance of sorts with its slow melodies and layered harmonies paired with a delicate layer of fuzz and spacey reverb. A couple people sitting along the wall could not help but fall asleep to the dreamy sound that was coming from the speakers. Shoegazers Young Prisms played later in the night, dazzling the Cake Shop with an immense amount of fuzz and swirling, distant vocals. So much fuzz, in fact, that at some points the music just became loud noise reverberating off the walls. I don’t think anyone was complaining though. The band created a perfect shoegaze set with plenty of intense rhythms and trippy effects, not to mention the cool static played from a video projector behind and on the group.

Brooklyn noise pop band Grooms ended the night with its signature gloomy-yet-fun mix of fuzzy guitar, catchy bass lines, pounding drums and lethargic, but slightly desperate sounding vocals. Grooms had plenty of energy for its set, despite not coming on until around 2am. “Thank you for sticking around this long and listening to us,” the guitarist and lead singer said. Kanine Records successfully showed off the talent and interesting sound that makes up the roster of the label.