Photo by Shaughn Crawford Photography

L.A.-based rapper K-The-I??? has released “Moonwalking On Lenticular Clouds,” the lead single for his upcoming instrumental debut, Synesthesia. Detailed and carefully rendered, the track jumps around between industrial bass-heavy grooves and a glitchy, floating midsection before barreling in double-time toward the cathartic ending. K invites buddies Myka 9, sole and Ceschi along for the ride, and together, they’ve created a song that brings up a dilemma of categorization: Can a track that samples vocals (even if it’s just indistinct vowel sounds) really be called instrumental?

All that aside, “Moonwalking On Lenticular Clouds” is a step away from the gritty, alien hip-hop that he employed on his debut, Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow. If the rest of Synethesia sounds like the experimental lead single, you’ve got reason to pick it up when it drops June 21 on Fake Four.

K-The-I??? “Moon Walking On Lenticular Clouds” by Fake Four, Inc.