After months of low-key PR moves, the French electro juggernauts of Justice have released the video to the title track of their upcoming album, Audio, Video, Disco. The duo, composed of Gaspard Augé and Xavier De Rosnay, began to promote Audio, Video, Disco earlier this year when Justice posted the cover and title to the album’s first single, “Civilization.” Since then Justice has released the track, a video to go with it and now the video for “Audio, Video, Disco.”

The video takes place in-studio, where Augé and De Rosnay are pounding out a rather dark-sounding single as people take care of business around them. There’s a puppy that seems to grow into an adult dog by the end of the video and the two guys passed out in the studio, one of them under a desk. “Audio, Video, Disco” is more tempered than the textbook techno sounds of Justice’s debut album, Cross, relying more on keyboard than synth. At first the lyrics are unintelligible, but after a while it’s clear the boys are repeating the title to the song in their funny accents.
Ed Banger’s Busy P has been dropping this new and heretofore unreleased track in recent live shows, including his appearance at HARD Summer in L.A. last month. In 2007, Ed Banger released Justice’s debut album, which has since sold more than 60,000 copies in the U.K. Audio, Video, Disco will be Justice’s sophomore release when it drops next month.