Junip has released the artwork and tracklist for its upcoming self-titled album, one of our most anticipated releases for 2013. The cover looks like a near negative of the art previously shared with album single “Line Of Fire” and was designed by the band’s drummer, Elias Araya. This isn’t Araya’s first time playing with the band’s visuals: He directed the video for “In Every Direction” and found inspiration for that clip, according to the band’s site, in the art of his father, painter and sculptor Kent Karlsson. Araya also did the understated cover art for bandmate José González’s two full-length albums, Veneer and In Our Nature.
Araya, González and Tobias Winterkorn will release their follow-up to 2010′s Fields on April 23 via Mute. As indicated by the tracklist below, “Line Of Fire” will open the album, and judging by the strength of that song, take it as a sign of good things to come.

Tracklist For Junip:
01. Line Of Fire
02. Suddenly
03. So Clear
04. Your Life Your Call
05. Villain
06. Walking Lightly
07. Head First
08. Baton
09. Beginnings
10. After All Is Said And Done